Mandatory Watering Schedule

Odd numbered addresses: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Even numbered addresses: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
No residential watering on Mondays!

Watering allowed:
Only between April 15th and October 15th
Only between 5pm and 10am

Water Conservation Ordinance
Per Eagle Municipal Code 12.07.030

A. Stage 1 Water Use Restrictions applies to all potable and non-potable water users, in all years, regardless of drought conditions. Stage 1 promotes continuous conservation through the application of practical regulations that are designed to protect the Town's water infrastructure system and the general health of the Brush Creek basin. The following resrictions apply to all water users.

1. Landscape Time Restrictions: No irrigation of lawn and landscape is permitted before
April 15th or after October 15th of each year. From April 15th through October 15th,
outdoor watering is only permitted before 10am or after 5pm on designated EVEN
or ODD days (see below).

2. Landscape Water Days: There is NO residential watering on Mondays; however, Town
residents can irrigate their lawn and landscape areas 3 (3) days a week as follows:

a. ODD numbered addresses are allowed to water on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and
b. EVEN numbered addresses are allowed to water on Wednesdays, Fridays, and
c. Schools, parks, and industrial sites are allowed to water on Mondays,
Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Water users are temporarily exempt from this regulation for a period of thrity
(30) consecutive days during the growing season when irrigation is required for the
establishment of new lawn by seed or sod.

Hand watering of lawns, gardens, and planting areas can be performed on the prescribed
ODD/EVEN days any time during the 24 hour day. All provisions of Section 12.07.020
pertaining to Prohibition on Waste continue to apply. All hand watering devices
shall have flow control assemblies.

3. Irrigation systems shall be designed and operated to limit the time of irrigation within
each zone to reach optimum efficiencies. Design of irrigation systems in multi-family
developments and large irrigated areas are required to use wetaher based clock