Community Development

  1. Our Community

  2. Building Department

    The Building Division is responsible for reviewing building plans and permit applications.

  3. Planning Department

    The Planning and Zoning Department works to provide safe, efficient and orderly development within the Town of Eagle, while also striving to enhance and maintain the natural and social environment.

  4. Land Use Code

  5. Eagle River Corridor Plan

  6. Eagle River Park

  7. Eagle Area Community Plan (2010)

  8. Town Maps

    View maps of the Town of Eagle.

  9. Airport Information (EGE)

    The Eagle County Regional Airport is one of the busiest airports in the State of Colorado. The airport sees frequent private jet traffic as well as commercial airline traffic, which operates on different schedules depending on the season.

  10. Eagle Chamber of Commerce

    The Eagle Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic membership organization of community-minded businesses that promotes a positive business environment, facilitates community betterment, and supports economic development in Eagle and Eagle County.

  11. Weather