River Park Citizens Committee

Eagle River Park and River Corridor Plan Citizen's Committee 
(River Park Citizen's Committee)
Seeking Applications 

The Town of Eagle Board of Trustees is seeking applications from interested members of the public to serve on a committee to support the implementation of Eagle River Park and the Eagle River Corridor Plan.  The Eagle River Corridor Plan has generated significant community interest and for those individuals that want to be involved, this committee will serve as an avenue for participation. The project coordinator, Caroline Bradford will provide support to the committee on behalf of the Town of Eagle and will work closely with the volunteer chair. 


The River Park Citizen's Committee is an ad hoc committee whose members will be ambassadors of the Eagle River Park project throughout the community.  In addition to being ambassadors and encouraging public participation throughout the process, the primary purpose of the committee will be to develop and solicit private financial support for the Eagle River Park. This financial support will leverage the significant financial contributions provided by the citizens and visitors to Eagle through the sales tax proceeds that began to be collected in July 2016.  Other funding opportunities, such as GOCO grants that are being pursued by the Town will be closely coordinated with the activities of the committee.  

The River Park Citizen's Committee will assist in funding the implementation of the entire Eagle River Corridor Plan, including the white water park, stream bank restoration, trails and parks, as prioritized by the Town of Eagle. The Committee recognizes that the implementation of the plan is a long term project and will require significant funds and years, perhaps more than a decade, to complete. The Committee is dedicated to the economic, social, and environmental benefits of the project and will work to advocate for all three of these important outcomes.  The Committee recognizes that participation from diverse individuals, businesses and organizations at all giving levels is important to the success of the project. The Committee will strive to incorporate the full spectrum of the community into the support of the project.

Funds raised by the Committee will be used by the Town of Eagle to pay for construction of elements of the Eagle Park project and other parts of the Eagle River Corridor plan as may be directed by the funders and the Town of Eagle.


A nine-member River Park Citizen's Committee will be appointed by the Town of Eagle Board of Trustees.  Additionally, one Town of Eagle Trustee, the Project Coordinator and other appropriate staff from the Town of Eagle will participate. Meetings will be public and other interested citizens are welcome to participate to support the goals of the Committee. River Park Citizen's Committee members do not have to be residents of the Town of Eagle.


Encouraging public participation and private funding of the Eagle River Park is time sensitive and members of the Committee should be prepared to dedicate their time, talents and energy to the project throughout the remainder of 2016 and 2017.  The committee is anticipated to meet monthly throughout the implementation of the Eagle River Park project at a time to be determined by the members of the group. Additionally, members may want to dedicate additional time individually to accomplish the goals of the committee. As with other committee efforts, the amount of volunteer time necessary for the committee members to be successful will vary but is anticipated to range from three to six hours per month.  The terms of commitment for committee members will be two years with renewal of two year terms by appointment until the work of the committee is determined to be complete.


The in-stream whitewater feature design is largely completed. The upland Eagle River Park design phase is anticipated to begin in January 2017 and be complete by August 2017. Construction of the in-stream and upland park features is anticipated to begin in late 2017 and finish in late 2018.  Implementation of additional elements of the Eagle River Corridor Plan are anticipated to take place over the next ten years and will be supported by the  River Park Citizen's Committee.  Successfully securing sufficient funding to support implementation of the Eagle River Park within this proposed timeline is the priority work of the Committee.


Any volunteer interested in serving on the committee is eligible to apply with priority given to those who have demonstrated prior experience in community fundraising campaigns, a dedication to the Town of Eagle and the Eagle River.  

Please complete the Town of Eagle Boards and Commissions application cover form and submit it with a letter of interest outlining your experience and reason for wishing to serve on the River Park Citizen's Committee to: John Schneiger, Town Manager, Town of Eagle: john.schneiger@townofeagle.org 

Letter of Interest Deadline: COB, September 30, 2016 
Selection: TBOT meeting October 11, 2016