Green Life Guide

SSustainabilt Choices

Sustainability can seem intimidating, but even small steps make a large impact. Start a goal to swap out a few old habits with new ones, and see where you are in a year. Progress starts with us!

Top Tips

  1. Vote with your dollars. Buy products made with no toxic chemical by reputable companies with sustainable business operation and ethical labor standards.
  2. Buy local products. Support the local economy and reduce the environmental and financial costs of transportation.
  3. Eat right. Don’t save money at the expense of your health. You'll pay for it in the long run. Look out for chemicals and pesticides in food and other everyday items.

Low Hanging Fruit

  1. Reduce first, reuse next, and lastly recycle. We cannot keep burying our trash.
  2. Switch out lightbulbs for LED.
  3. Strengthen your community and share items!
  4. Drive less. Use public transport, your bike, or your legs at least 2 times per week.