School & Office Supplies

  • We use about 35% of landfill space for paper, even though paper can be easily recycled
  • Try to go paperless and always use both sides of a blank page.
  • Buy paper with the highest percentage of PCW (post consumer waste), which means material that was recycled after use
  • Regular paper production requires the use of chlorine, emits many toxins including dioxin, and uses 10 times more water than paper made without chlorine. Look for PCF (Processed Chlorine Free) or TCF (Totally Chlorine Free).
  • Look for commercial printers that use soy ink which is easier to recycle, and less toxic.
  • Look for "take back" programs for sending used cartridges back to the manufacturer
  • Writing
  • Look for pencils made with recycled materials
  • Look for refillable pencils and pens when possible
  • Buy recycled office products
  • Bring a sack lunch and a coffee mug; avoid disposable items