Neighborhood Information Network


The Eagle Police Department is sponsoring a customized neighborhood information network to keep our citizens informed of recent events or crimes in their particular neighborhood. With this information our community members can safeguard their homes, cars, etc. and assist the police by being our eyes & ears to help prevent/solve crime.

How Does it Work

If you choose to participate the police will have your email address or your telephone number. If something of significance happens in town; we will notify you so you can safeguard your neighborhood. Additionally, you can keep an eye out for suspicious activity so that you can immediately notify the police. 

How Do We Sign Up

Simply sign-up on the right or call us with your email address and/or telephone number. 


It is impossible for the police to be everywhere at once. With this network we can communicate to our citizens to keep everyone informed. Additionally, you can act as our eyes & ears when an officer is not present. Please sign up today so we can begin to network with you and your neighbors immediately.


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