Advisement of Rights

  1. To be represented by counsel, and if indigent, the right to appointed counsel as applicable;

  2. To have a full explanation of the nature of the charges against you. If you do not understand what you are charged with, ask the Judge during your arraignment;

  3. To be presumed innocent of the charges, and if you plead not guilty the prosecution must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt;

  4. To plead “Guilty,” “Not Guilty,” or “No Contest”;

  5. To bail and to be advised of the amount of bail that has been set by the court;

  6. To make no statement, but that any statement made can and may be used against you;

  7. To have a trial by a jury, if such right is granted by ordinance. A jury demand must be made in writing accompanied by a $25 jury fee, within twenty-one (21) days of entering a not guilty plea, unless the court waives the fee because of indigence. If you fail to meet the above conditions your trial shall be before the Judge;

  8. To compel the attendance of witnesses in your behalf by subpoenas, issued, but not served, by the court, without expense to you; 

  9. To confront witnesses called to testify against you and to cross-examine those witnesses;

  10. To a list of prosecution witnesses prior to the time of trial;

  11. To testify or not testify in your own behalf. Your silence does not imply any wrongdoing on your part and cannot be used against you;

  12. To appeal any judgment within 30 days after the judgment is entered, to the district and appellate court of Colorado, however, if you plead guilty you waive your right to appeal;

  13. To a continuance of this arraignment to hire an attorney to represent you or for some other good reason;

Advisement to Defendant Concerning the Sealing of Records

Colorado Revised Statues Section 24-72-708(1)(a) states that any person in interest may petition the district court of the district in which any arrest and criminal records information pertaining to said person in interest is located for the sealing of all said records, except basic identification information, if the records are a record of official actions involving a criminal offense for which said person in interest was not charged, in any case which was completely dismissed, or in any case which said person was acquitted.

Defendants who were convicted of charges or plead guilty to charges may not petition for the sealing of those records.

 Advisement to defendant concerning Underage Consumption/Possession of Alcohol

If you are convicted of an underage alcohol related offense in the State of Colorado you will lose your driving privilege as follows:

First Offense: Three-month driving suspension
Second Offense: Six-month driving suspension
Third Offense: One-year driving suspension

This conviction will also be reported to your home state.

For more details on how to get your license re-instated after an alcohol related conviction, please call the Department of Motor Vehicles at (303) 572-5613.