Home Rule Governance

At the April regular Municipal election in 2020 voters approved the Home Rule Charter. The adopted charter can be found here.

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What would Home Rule governance mean for the Town of Eagle?

The Board of Trustees is beginning the process to change the Town’s form of local government from Statutory Rule to Home Rule. The nearly yearlong process includes community participation with opportunities for community member’s input.

What is Home Rule Authority?

Municipal Home Rule is a form of government under the control of local citizens rather than state government. Home Rule and local control is in our state’s constitution and is based upon the belief that the best government is that which is closest to the people.

Currently, as a Statutory Town, the state legislature sets the parameters by which the elected Board of Trustees has authority to develop local ordinances to address the needs of the residents of Eagle. Moving to a Home Rule form of government creates better efficiencies in Town operations and improves the ability to protect and preserve the community.

Home Rule Facts:

93% of Colorado municipal residents live in a Home Rule community. These communities operate under a Charter written by local citizens elected to a Charter Commission. A charter establishes the city's form of government and specifies certain rights and responsibilities. As an independent body, the charter commission represents citizen viewpoints and considers and recommends appropriate revisions to the charter, balancing the best interests of city government and the citizens. Home Rule municipalities have the power to make relevant legislature and exercise control over issues of “local concern” with minimal state intervention. Federal and state laws that address matters beyond local concern still apply, including Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). Home Rule would give the Town more flexibility and control to address foreseeable changes and citizen desires.