Local Employee Residency Program - LERP

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Town of Eagle & Eagle Ranch local housing programs

The Town of Eagle has a housing program called the Local Employee Residency Program (LERP). Please read the LERP Deed Restriction and Housing Requirements and Guidelines if interested in purchasing a LERP property.

Eagle Ranch has a local housing program as well. Please read the Eagle Ranch Locals Housing Program Restrictive Covenant and the Housing Guidelines if you are interested in purchasing one of these units.

When listed for sale, LERP and Eagle Ranch Deed restricted units can be listed with an open-market real estate agent and may be advertised in the MLS. Find the application for either unit below.

Applications for Town of Eagle & Eagle Ranch as well as additional information on local employee housing programs can be found on The Valley Home Store's Website

The Valley Home Store was created by Eagle County, towns throughout the valley, and major businesses to assist residents who live and work full-time in Eagle County in buying or renting. Their main focus is on deed-restricted housing and they track all available restricted homes that are for sale. Unlike our valley's full-service real estate companies, they do not represent buyers or sellers. Their job is to provide transaction-only services for the limited inventory of deed-restricted homes (which, in most cases, are not listed on the open real estate market).

The Valley Home Store can assist with:

> Transaction services for deed-restricted housing sales

> Down payment assistance programs

> Credit counseling

> Homebuyer and rental inventory information

> Foreclosure and short sale information

For additional information, please contact Housing Eagle County's Meghan Scallen: (970) 328-8778 or meghan.scallen@eaglecounty.us