Grand Avenue Corridor Study

Grand Avenue Corridor Preliminary Framework Map - trim

The plan site is U.S. Highway 6 from the Eby Creek roundabout on the east to the Town’s western edge. The road is bordered by rural residential zoning and the Union Pacific Railroad running parallel on the north, with the Eagle River just beyond. On the south is Eagle’s historic Downtown, along Broadway Ave, and a mix of commercial and low-density residential through the center of town and into the West Eagle neighborhoods. Some state and county facilities are along this route, as well as some new residential development planned along the route and to the southwest of the Sylvan Lake roundabout. The Haymeadow development south of the planned site has a requirement to construct a Brush Creek Road extension which will intersect US Hwy 6 roughly in the middle of the plan site.

The Town recently received control of this portion of Highway 6 from the Colorado Department of Transportation and is now responsible for infrastructure and maintenance costs. The current state of the infrastructure is poor, and the Town anticipates the need to improve water, wastewater, stormwater, communications, electrical, and lighting infrastructure along this route. The Town has also had exploratory conversations about locating a commuter rail stop and pedestrian tunnel to Downtown in Town-owned land on the north of US Hwy 6.

Agendas, minutes, and meeting information for the Grand Avenue Stakeholder Committee meetings will be available on the Town's website linked HERE.
The project began in October 2020 and is generally separated into three six-month phases, though some may overlap.

Phase 1 - January 2021- April 2021
Information gathering, public outreach, site and inventory analysis, and setting the guiding principles.

Phase 2 - April 2021 - October 2021
Concept planning and charrettes, scenario modeling, and community engagement.

Phase 3 - November 2021 - April 2022
Preliminary design, preferred scenario modeling, implementation and phasing plan, and community engagement.

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