Planning & Zoning FAQ's

Planning provides a vision for the community today and in the future.

The goal of planning is to maximize the health, safety, welfare, and economic well-being of all people living in our community. A Planner's job is to work with applicants and elected/appointed officials to ensure orderly development, protect property rights, and create lasting value through change and/or preservation. 

Do I need a Pre-Application Meeting?

When proposing any development that requires a development permit, subdivision sketch, preliminary plan, and/or final plat the applicant shall first request a pre-application meeting with a Town Planner to discuss procedures, requirements, and the Town's goals & policies. The pre-application meeting will be scheduled from the day Planning receives the complete submittal. The applicant shall provide a Pre-Application Form and documents listed in these sections, as it relates to the type of development project: 
Section 4.06.050. Development Permit Review
Section Subdivision Review - Sketch Plan
Section Subdivision Review - Preliminary Plan
Section Subdivision Review - Final Plat

How do I apply for a Land Use Project and what do I need to submit?

Land Use Applications & Checklists

Once your application and supporting documents are finalized, please email to Your file will be assigned to the next available Planner, or the Planner you've been coordinating with, and undergo a completeness review. Paper copies will be requested as needed. Payment for applications are accepted by check only at this time.
Payable To: Town of Eagle
Mailing Address: PO Box 609, Eagle, CO 81631  -OR-  Drop off at Eagle Town Hall, 200 Broadway

How does the Land Use Application process work?
Summary of Review Procedures
Section 4.03.060. Public Notice
Section 4.03.070. Review Procedures, General
Section 4.03.080. Fees & Costs
     2023 Fee Schedule


Is my property within the Town of Eagle?
What Zone District/PUD is my property in? 
What are the allowed uses of my Zone District? 

Find Your Property: Eagle County GIS Viewer
Town of Eagle Boundary & Zoning Map

Section 4.04.010. Establishment of Districts
Section 4.04.050. Zone District Regulations
      > Section 4.04.060. Residential Zone Districts Permitted Uses
      > Section 4.04.080. Residential Zone Districts Requirements
      > Section 4.04.070. Nonresidential Zone Districts Permitted Uses
      > Section 4.04.090. Nonresidential Zone Districts Requirements

Planned Unit Development (PUD) Guides

Standards, restrictions, and permitted uses defined within a PUD Guide will supersede Title 4 (Town of Eagle's Land Use & Development Code). If the PUD Guide is silent on a topic, Title 4 will apply.


I want to add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)/Accessory Apartment to my property.

ADUs located within a Planned Unit Development (PUD) will need to reference the PUD Guide. Consulting your Homeowner Association documents is also recommended.

Accessory apartment to owner-occupied single-family dwelling: An individual dwelling unit subordinate to, and contained within or adjacent to, a single-family dwelling.

Section 4.04.100.N. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
Do I need a building permit?
Eagle County: Aid For ADUs Program


Do I need a sign permit?

Signs are an important means of visual communication for both location identification and wayfinding. Regulations contained in the sign code section are a result of the consideration of the compatibility of signs with adjacent land uses and the total visual environment of a particular area within the entire community. 

Consider the need for a sign permit when applying for a Town of Eagle business license and/or a Town of Eagle building permit for a commercial business.

Section 4.08.020.D - Sign permit required.

A sign permit is required for any sign to be erected, re-erected, constructed, altered or maintained, except as provided in Sections 4.08.020.C, Sign permit not requiredand 4.08.020.D, Exempt from sign regulations

Chapter 4.08. - Sign Code  |  Sign Permit Application


Should I also consider the development standards in these overlay areas?

Yes! If you are developing/redeveloping in these areas Planning will also assess conformance with the development standards of these districts, in addition to satisfying the provisions & requirements of the general Zone District (Chapter 4.04.).

Central Business Area/District
Broadway District
Chambers Avenue
North Interchange Area
U.S. Highway 6 Corridor


How do I provide feedback regarding an Active Land Use Application that directly/indirectly impacts my property and/or community?

Written comments can be emailed to or mailed to Eagle Town Hall c/o Planning Department at 
PO Box 609, Eagle, CO 81631. Members of the public are also invited to comment on any Active Land Use Application either by appearing in-person or virtually at the scheduled public hearings

Register to receive Town Council and/or Planning & Zoning Commission agendas here.


How do I review building permits and/or land use files for a specific address or project within Town of Eagle?

Building permits and land use files are public records. Through Town of Eagle's website, the public can access our library of Active Land Use Applications, Approved Land Use Files, Adopted Ordinances & Resolutions, Meeting Minutes, and annual reports of Issued Building Permits

To formally request records on a specific address or project, please review the Town's Information Request Policy and submit a Request for Public Records form, pursuant to the Colorado Open Records Act. 


What is a Comprehensive Plan?

2021 Amended Elevate Eagle Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) is a long-range guiding document for a community to achieve its vision and goals. This document provides the policy framework for regulatory tools like zoning, subdivision, annexation, and development review. The plan also provides guidance on the capital improvement program (CIP), as well as local initiatives such as sustainability, recreation, open space land acquisition, and housing. It establishes a process for orderly growth and development, addresses both current and long-term needs, and provides for a balance between the natural and built environment. Comp Plans are also important to developing regional plans or programs.

A library of the Town's Community Master Plans & Studies can be found here.


What is a Future Land Use Map (FLUM)?

Town of Eagle FLUM

Additional References: Eagle River Corridor Plan, West Eagle Sub Area PlanEast Eagle Sub Area Plan

The Future Land Use Map (FLUM) guides development decisions, infrastructure improvements, and public/private investments/reinvestment in Eagle. The FLUM identifies locations of anticipated, and Town-supported land uses over the next 10-20 years. Division between land use categories generally follows parcel lines, roadways, and other geographic boundaries. Flexible interpretation of the boundaries may be granted provided the proposed change is consistent with the vision, goals, and strategies of the Comp Plan.