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Posted on: June 26, 2020

Avoid Surprises in Your Water Bill


Have you ever gotten a surprise water bill for $1,500,000?

No one enjoys a surprise like that. Here are some tips for heading problems off before they get too big.

1) Respond to ’blue tags’ right away. Whenever we notice a problem with a meter, we leave a tag on our customer’s door requesting they set up an appointment with Public Works to get the meter fixed. If a meter is not working properly for several months, you could end up with a bill for several month’s of usage, all at one time. Not a fun surprise.

2) Self-monitor your water bill. Keep an eye on the water usage on your monthly bill (in the Service Summary section of a paper bill, or in the Total Usage section on Xpress Bill Pay). If your usage month-to-month is showing zero, chances are good there’s an issue with your meter. Please report this to Public Works (970-328-6678).

It is important to let the Town know of any meter issues as soon as possible to avoid potential Non-Operational Meter Fees (learn more about this $100 fee at

3) Advise the Town of excessively high usage or water leaks. If you have a known leak, or notice excessively high water usage, please let us know as soon as possible. Addressing these issues in a timely basis can prevent your water bill from sky-rocketing. Please reach out to Mark Herota at or 970-328-9621.

By promptly contacting the Town regarding any of the issues above, we can work together to avoid any nasty surprises in your water bill.

Thank you!

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