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Posted on: June 25, 2021

Comcast Build Updates for the Town of Eagle

Screenshot - Eagle Map - Week of Nov 15 2021

Comcast Fiber Optic Project Work in Eagle 

For the week of 11/22/2021

Seasonal Construction Wind Down: Due to weather, temperatures, and for the safety of the crews, underground and aerial construction work relevant to the project will be completed as weather permits. Project updates, moving forward, will be posted here only when significant work or changes occur.

Additionally, service connection installation work that requires a hard surface crossing (such as driveways) will most likely need to wait until the Spring to avoid property and utility damage. Crews will resume this work in the Spring as soon as the weather permits.

In the remaining BLUE areas on the map, crews will continue the network connection and restoration work as weather permits.

Please note, when an area on the map changes to GREEN, this indicates that the backbone network is available in the area, it has been tested, and is ready for residential and business connections. However, if a hard surface crossing is required or the business or residence is a long distance from the network infrastructure, additional steps may be required to complete the connection and install services. 

  • If you’re seeking service at a residence, please call 1 (800) XFINITY (934-6489) for more information.
  • If you’re a local business, please contact local Comcast Business representative and Eagle resident, Kari Conley at or (970) 401-1630.
  • If you have questions about installing and burying a Comcast service line on private property, please contact John Surber at or at (719) 221-4374.

 In all other ORANGE areas on the map, construction work continues, and in the BLUE areas, crews will continue the network connection and restoration work.  MAP LEGEND REMINDER

  • RED indicates that work has not started, prior work has yet to resume, or work has stopped due to weather.
  • ORANGE indicates locate and construction work in process.
  • BLUE indicates network connection work (placing pedestals, pulling fiber through placed conduit, and connecting new lines to the Comcast network) and in some cases, locate work.
  • GREEN indicates that work and restoration are complete, and homes and businesses may sign up for Comcast service.
  • LIGHT GREEN outline indicates aerial (above ground) work.

In accordance with state laws related to utility location and Colorado's 811 system, property management companies and Homeowners Associations, which own and manage underground irrigation systems, are responsible for locating their irrigation lines in public rights-of-way and utility easements in advance of underground construction. The SEFNCO construction team will reach out to property management prior to starting construction work in and/or around the property. Additionally, we strongly encourage management staff to participate in a walk-out of the construction path with the construction crews as an added step to avoid any conflicts.

Construction crews on this project go to great lengths to avoid damaging residential sprinkler systems. However, if such damage does occur, crews have repair parts and equipment with them and can fix damages within 24 hours of being notified. If you've identified sprinkler damage on your property that was a result of this construction project, please contact John Rinebold at (970) 340-3150 or via email at

Please continue to read through and check the information, map, and legend on the Eagle Comcast Fiber Optic Project Website as the project progresses in Eagle. Questions? Please call 970-340-3150 or Email  Questions about installing and burying a Comcast service line on private property? Please call 719-221-4374 or Email

Screenshot - Eagle Map - Week of Nov 15 2021

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