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Contractor Registration Application and Renewal

  1. town-of-eagle

  2. License Type*

  3. Payment Type*

  4. Select Registration Type*

  5. Please include a current copy of your certificate of liability insurance

  6. Please provide only if you are registering as a plumbing contractor

  7. Please provide only if you are registering as an electrical contractor

  8. List Three Character References

  9. Three Persons of Corporations you Have Done Work For

  10. Have you Ever Defaulted on a Contract?*

  11. Have you Ever Been Involved in a Lien Suit?*

  12. Have you Ever Been Convicted of a Felony?*

  13. Have you or your Business Ever Filed Bankruptcy?*


  15. Affirmation of Applicant *

    By Checking this box, I state under penalty of perjury in the second degree, as defined in 31-20-105, Colorado Revised Statutes, that the information contained above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that providing false information is grounds for denial, suspension, or revocation of a license. Any person or entity who knowingly violates any provision of Eagle Municipal Code Chapter 5.13 or knowingly fails to performs an act by any provision of this Chapter, commits a Class A municipal offense.

  16. Payment Instructions

    Once you submit this form, you will be given the option to pay by credit card (Visa MasterCard and Discover or e-check), there is no fee for using this service. If you choose to pay in person or by mail, please mail a check made payable to the Town of Eagle PO BOx 609, Eagle CO 81631 or drop off at 200 Broadway. Please include the business name on your check to ensure accuracy.

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