Trust Based Policing

Values of Trust Based Policing
Trust Challenges
We must recognize that trust-gaps exist within some of the communities/neighborhoods we serve. It is our responsibility to participate in a dialog that promotes collaborative relationship building to close those trust-gaps.

Ethical Behavior
We understand that public trust is the foundation of our profession. We further recognize that it is our responsibility to uphold the laws and ensure that justice is served. We are committed to being consistently fair in the execution of these duties, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and honesty.

Problem Solving and Quality Focus

We must assure that our commitment to quality and continuous improvement shows through the service we provide to the community. This will be accomplished through collaborative problem solving models, and continuous evaluation of internal work systems.

Citizen Involvement
We believe all members of our community are responsible for public safety. We strive to educate our community about our capabilities and limitations, while empowering them to have a voice in public safety solutions. It is a community expectation that we hold people accountable for their criminal behavior.

We believe in a situational leadership model that is flexible and responsive. The focus is on employee engagement, balancing task and relationship needs, that provides structured leadership behaviors that are supportive to employees. We view all of our employees as leaders.


Each employee offers a valuable contribution to our department. We also recognize that it is the diversity of our workforce that provides the foundation for success. It is the goal of the department to empower all employees to carry out the mission of the Eagle Police Department.

Quality Control

To ensure quality services to our community we will ensure fair and prompt internal investigations when necessary. Quality Control includes coaching and mentoring officers and employees regularly and making efficiency and behavioral adjustments if needed.