As authorized by Ordinance 23-2017, the Town of Eagle is authorized to use a third-party collections agency for collecting fines, fees, default judgments, personal recognizance bond forfeitures, restitution, and civil penalties due from any person assessed such sums by the Eagle Municipal Court, including reasonable costs of collections. 

“Reasonable costs of collection” shall include, without limitation, the fees and costs of the Town Attorney, or a private counsel retained by the Town, or a collection agency retained by the Town, but such fees and costs shall not exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the amount collected.

The Town currently contracts with Integral Recoveries, Inc. in Englewood Colorado for collections. If you receive a notice from this agency, please follow their instructions on making payments. Representatives are available at (800) 660-8450. 

Collections Policy 

Individuals with tickets, fines, and fees not paid on their due date will be allowed at least 30 days to pay before receiving a letter showing the outstanding amount is being sent to the Town’s collections agency. This letter will give individuals thirty (30) additional days from the date of the letter to remedy the unpaid fines and fees before being sent to collections and incurring the additional collections fee of 25% of the amount due.

Defendants will be given an opportunity for a Show Cause Hearing in circumstances required by law or ordered by the Court.

Any cases referred to collections by the Judge, shall be submitted immediately and without notice from the Court Clerk. 

When Parking Tickets are issued, individuals have 20 days to pay from date of issue or must appear at the next scheduled court date. If they fail to appear, a letter is sent by the court clerk allowing an additional 30 days to pay and notifying them if not received by that extended due date, the amount will then sent be to collections.