Election Signs

Political signs are not allowed on town property or on public right of way. Placement of political signs in Eagle can be done on private property with permission from the owner.  

The relevant Municipal Codes to address this issue is located within Title 4, Section 4.08.060 and 4.08.070  Temporary signs allowed by temporary use or activity.


  • Reduce needless and destructive competition among signs.
  • Reduce visual degradation of the attractiveness of the Town


Political campaign signs. Signs announcing candidates seeking public office with pertinent data and signs relating to ballot issues with pertinent data shall be allowed subject to the following limitations: Signs may be placed for a period of 60 days prior to a state, local, or national election. The maximum sign area shall be 24 square feet, and any such sign shall be located a minimum of eight feet from the nearest public street or alley. Any such sign shall be removed within five days after the election.

Signs which create a danger to motorists, pedestrians, or other members of the public due to the signs' size, construction, location, movement, content, coloring, or manner of illumination. This prohibition includes signs which may be confused with or construed as official traffic control devices, signs which hide from view any official traffic control device, signs which cause glare or which impair the vision of any motorist, signs which obstruct the view in any direction at an intersection, signs which are structurally unsound and other similar signs.

Any signs currently on Town property or CDOT managed property will be removed and be available for pickup at the Town’s Public Works Shop located at 1050 Chambers Avenue by appointment (970-328-6678). Signs will be held until November 9th and, if not picked up, will be disposed of.

Campaign signs are allowed on Eagle County campuses in Eagle and El Jebel. Refer to Eagle County Resolution 2012-40 for information relating to signage (beginning on page 5), and maps designating where signs are allowed on these properties (beginning on page 8). All signage must be removed promptly after each election.