Consciously making decisions today to strengthen the quality of life for all living things in the future.

3 E's of Sustainability

  • Economy- money/resources
  • Equity- equal opportunity to all
  • Ecology- organisms and their environment
Planting hands

The Town of Eagle is proud to have a Green Team, established in 2022, looking to enhance both the workplace and the Town with fresh sustainable ideas. 

For any sustainable thoughts and ideas you would like to pass along, please email Jackie VanEyll at

Please see helpful links in the left hand panel. 

Consider offsetting your carbon, and making a statement to others about your love for the planet by purchasing a license plate for your vehicle that donates to the Colorado Carbon Fund.

Carbon Fund License Plate

More information found here.

Our Eagle Elk

Elk 1

Did you know that the largest elk population in the world is in Colorado with almost 300,000 elk?

It's important to stay a safe distance and enjoy observing our beautiful Eagle elk from afar. Not just for our safety, but so the elk can feel secure in their habitat without stress that can impact their health. 

How do you know you are too close? If an elk alters it's behavior, such as grazing or if it begins looking at you, you are too close.

Elk Fun Facts

  • A group of elk are called a herd or a gang.
  • Elk antlers are made of fast growing bone that have been known to grow up to one inch per day. Sunlight causes a boost in testosterone levels which encourages antler growth. Elk antlers can weigh up to 40 lbs!
  • The Shawnee name for elk is wapiti, which translates to "white rump". 
  • Elk, who weigh up to 700 pounds, aren't slow! They can run up to 40 miles per hour and jump 8 feet vertically.
  • Male elk- bull, Female elk- cow, Baby elk- calf, Yearling bull elk- Spike
  • Elk are considered to be a keystone species: (A keystone species is a species on which other species in an ecosystem largely depend, such that if it were removed the ecosystem would change.)

Elk 2

statewide benchmarking
Colorado's New Statewide Benchmarking Program - Building Performance Colorado (BPC)

Upcoming deadline for building owners: December 1st

Building Performance Colorado (BPC) is Colorado’s statewide benchmarking program created as a result of House Bill 21-1286, or the “Energy Performance for Buildings” Statute and aims to increase energy efficiency and decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the building sector. The program requires owners of large commercial, multifamily, and public buildings 50,000 square feet and larger to report their annual energy use to the Colorado Energy Office (CEO)The first benchmarking reporting deadline for building owners is December 1, 2022 for calendar year 2021 energy use data. 


Please visit the Building Performance Colorado (BPC) website to learn more about the State's benchmarking program and how to submit your benchmarking report, or to check out many of the free training and resources the program provides. For additional questions or assistance, please contact the BPC Help Center, which offers free support on the benchmarking process.

Building Performance Colorado (BPC) Help Center

Email:; Phone: (888) 513-0353 


Hours: Monday - Friday | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm MST

The Help Center will respond to requests within 48 hours.

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Recycle Across America

Our Recycling Labels

We have standardized road signs, why shouldn't we have standardized recycling labels creating healthy habits? We chose these labels to get on board with the movement for standardized recycling labels throughout the US with results driven, and tested labeling. 

Other places you may have seen the labels:

  • 2018 Super Bowl, Minnesota
  • The entire state of Rhode Island
  • University of Denver
  • Winter Park
  • Copper Mountain Resort
  • Keystone Resort
  • Vail Resorts, Breckenridge
  • Town of Breckenridge
  • Town of Avon
  • Town of Dillon
  • Walking Mountains Science Center, Avon
  • Grand Teton
  • Eagle County bus system
  • Whole Foods Market, Frisco

And many locations through Colorado and other states.

The Colorado Producer Responsibility Bill has passed!