Mayor & Town Council Responsibilities

Mayor Responsibilities

The Mayor or, in his/her absence, one of the Council Members, who may be elected Mayor Pro Tem, shall preside at all meetings of the Town Council and shall have the same voting powers as any member of said Council. The Mayor shall be considered a member of the governing body and the Town Council for all purposes.

The Mayor shall be recognized as the political head of Town government and together with other members of the Town Council shall supervise all appointed officers of the Town, examine the grounds of all reasonable complaints made against any of them, and cause any violations or neglect of duty to be promptly corrected or reported to the proper tribunal for action.

The Mayor shall sign all documents on behalf of the Town which by statute, ordinance, or custom may require his signature, and shall also perform such other duties compatible with the nature of his office as the Town Council may from time to time require.

Council Responsibilities

The Council is the policy-making legislative body of the Town. It consists of 1 Mayor and 6 Council Members elected at large, each for a 4-year term. Expiration of terms are staggered and elections for Council Members are held the first Tuesday of November in odd-numbered years. After each biennial election, the Council elects from among themselves a Mayor Pro Tem who, in the absence of the Mayor from any meeting of said Council, or during the Mayor’s absence from the Town, or their inability to act, shall perform the duties of Mayor.

The Council takes action by the enactment of ordinances, resolutions and formal motions, which provide direction for the Town Staff to follow. The Council appoints a Town Manager, Attorney, and Municipal Judge. To accomplish the Council's directives, the Town Manager ensures that each department carries out the policies and goals of the Council.

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