Marketing and Events Advisory Committee-History


In November of 2011, Town of Eagle voters approved a hotel room tax dedicated to market town amenities and create events to improve the town’s economy. The Board of Trustees formed the Marketing and Events Advisory Committee (MEAC) and hired a staff member to coordinate activities. The Committee is a diverse collection of business and community members. The town is now poised to market the town effectively. The MEAC committee has been charged with sponsoring events to attract visitors to the community. The Committee welcomes discussion and proposals from promoters to sponsor events in the Town of Eagle.


To enhance the economy of the Town of Eagle by emphasizing its desirability as a year-round travel and recreation destination to visitors who appreciate and respect Eagle’s character and resources.


To market and maintain the quality of the Eagle experience for the benefit of both the visitor and the economic sustainability of the community, while respecting our natural surroundings. MEAC will encourage and recruit event organizers to produce a diverse collection of events in Eagle. With a single point of contact for events administration, MEAC will act in a sponsorship role, allocating money to those events that particularly contribute to our overall objectives. They will evaluate events to ensure the investment in public funds is allocated effectively, and producers will be held to a high level of accountability.  



MEAC supports a calendar of events to accomplish the following goals:
    • Enhance the sense of community for Eagle residents by providing opportunities for connection.
    • Balance the quality of life for residents with the need for vitality in our business community.
    • Support events and programs that showcase and protect our unique character, traditions, and resources.
    • Support cultural events and programs that promote diversity.
    • Create clear, concise, and consistent event marketing and communications.
    • Actively collaborate with community partners and stakeholders.
To qualify for funding, events must support these strategic priorities and objectives. 
Please view the Request for Proposal (RFP)

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact or call 970-328-9625.
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