Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the project I am working on is in the Town of Eagle's jurisdiction?
If you go to our Town's website and click on Community Development under Departments and Services, you will see a link on the left-hand side that says Zoning Map. Here you will see an outline of our jurisdiction. Click here to go directly to the map.

What materials do I need to submit with my application?
Every project is different.  Based on the project, the Town of Eagle will require: site plans, soil tests, HOA approval letters, engineer-stamped structural plans, etc.  Please contact the Building department if you are unsure what additional materials need to be submitted with your application.  There are resources, such as the Homeowner Building Guides, to use for guidance on basic plan submittals. 

How do I know the fees due for the permit application?
After you submit the application it goes in queue. The Permit Tech will assess the fees and send the applicant the fees due once the permit is ready for release.  For large commercial projects the fee due to move your permit to the plan review process is the plan check fee, then the remaining fees are due upon permit release. 

How do I submit an application and plans?
Once the applications and materials are finalized, send them to Paper plans are not accepted. 

How do I submit payment?
Registered contractors, who sets up a profile on Community Core, can pay their permit fees online through Community Core ( To set up a profile, please contact the Building department.  You can also drop a check off at Town Hall or in the utilities drop box behind Town Hall.

How long does it take to process a permit?
When an application is received, the fees are accessed and an invoice is sent within 1-3 days.  Once a fee is received, the application is submitted for plan review or approval.  The timeframe in processing an application depends on the complexity of the project.  A permit could take up to 4-8 weeks to process, especially during the high volume fall months. 

Who can be listed as a Contractor on a permit application?
All contractors listed on a Town of Eagle permit application must be either a registered contractor with an active registration or the Homeowner. However, "Homeowners" cannot be the general contractor on commercial projects as registered contractors will need to head those projects due to liability purposes.

How does Use Tax work?
Once you pay for your use tax you will receive a Use Tax Certificate. This certificate exempts you from Town of Eagle sales tax for the project's materials purchased from Town of Eagle vendors. The certificate from us is used for the vendors who will give the discount directly to you. We do not give any money back, as it is now handled directly through the vendors. 

My permit has expired. How do I open it back up?
Send a letter to with a handwritten signature with an explanation of why the permit has expired, and why you want to reactivate it. Make sure to include the site address and permit number in the letter.

How do I transfer a permit to another contractor?
The original contractor will need to release their permit by sending in a letter with a handwritten signature to

If the original contractor was fired by the homeowner, the homeowner needs to state that they fired the original contractor and would like to transfer the permit to the new contractor.

If the original contractor quit and refuses to transfer the permit, the new contractor will have to pull a new permit and pay the fees again.

Click HERE for an outline of a transfer letter to assist.

We are buying/selling a house and work was done without a permit. What do I do?
You will need to apply for a permit for the completed work, and have it all inspected. There is a possibility of work being torn down or into for proper inspection. We will do our best to minimize the 

Helpful Tips for Contractor's Registrations:
*Remember that every registration expires annually on December 31st and must be renewed for the new calendar year.
*The most common holdup on contractor's registration is the Certificate of Insurance not reflecting "Town of Eagle" as the certificate holder.
*Once you send off the application, it will still need to be processed by the Permit Tech before you will receive a request for payment. This could take up to a few days depending on amount of registrations received.