Real Estate Transfer Assessment

Any transfer of property within the Haymeadow, Reserve at Hockett Gulch, and Red Mountain Ranch subdivisions is subject to a real estate transfer assessment (RETA) based on the consideration paid, which is typically equal to the purchase price except in certain circumstances where fair market value is used.   The RETA should be collected at closing and submitted to the Town of Eagle within 30 days of the closing date, along with a copy of the deed.  Penalties and interest may be assessed on RETA that remains unpaid.

The RETA due to the Town is based on the following rates by subdivision:

Haymeadow 0.60% No Limit
Red Mountain Ranch 0.40% No Limit
Reserve at Hockett Gulch 2.00% $250,000 maximum assessment collection per transfer
  • “Consideration” means and includes the total of money paid and the Fair Market Value of any property delivered, or contracted to be paid or delivered, in return for the transfer of any property, and the amount of any note, contract indebtedness, or rental payment reserved in connection with such transfer.
  • Any utility transfer or set up request within these three subdivisions should also include a RETA payment at closing as indicated on the Final Water/Sewer Statement.
  • Any lease of 30 years or more should have a RETA.

Applications for Exemption or Exclusion

RETA is due on all transfers of property within the Haymeadow, Reserve at Hockett Gulch, and Red Mountain Ranch subdivisions, even in some circumstances where no money has exchanged hands.  A change of interest in a property constitutes a transfer of ownership and the RETA must be assessed based on the consideration paid except if an exemption/exclusion is allowed.

A list of exemptions/exclusions can be found on the appropriate application above and may be submitted to the Town for review.

Exemption applications must be approved by the Town Manager and any exemption denied by the Town Manager may be appealed to the Town Council within 7 days; and such appeal shall be considered by the Town Council within 30 days of receipt of the same and the appellant shall not be required to post any bond or deposit while the appeal is pending.