Economic Vitality Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Town of Eagle Economic Vitality Committee (the "Committee") is to provide additional expertise to the Town Council and the Town Manager necessary to enhance and facilitate economic development in the Town, and to act as a catalyst between the Town, developers, residents and the business community to expand and improve the Town’s economic climate within the context of the Town’s commitment to social and environmental objectives.

Meetings: The Economic Vitality Committee meets monthly on the third Thursday at 1:00PM. All meetings are held in person at Eagle Town Hall, 200 Broadway, as well as on a virtual meeting platform. Agendas, minutes, and meeting information can be found on the Town of Eagle's website, here.

If you would like to speak with the committee or an individual member about doing business in the Town of Eagle, please reach out to Larry Pardee, Town Manager, at

Economic Vitality Committee Bylaws


A.    Authority. The Committee is authorized to take any of the following actions, consistent with its purpose:
1.    Make recommendations to the Town Council regarding economic development programs and priorities which may help strengthen Town and business partnerships and attract new business;
2.    Promote economic vitality and business development in the Town; and
3.    Encourage development that provides employment opportunities for existing and future residents and provides for a diverse and stable economic base.

B.    Duties. In exercising its authority, the Committee shall perform the following duties:
1.    Present a semi-annual written report to the Town Council on the ongoing projects under review by the Committee;
2.    Provide input to the Town Manager regarding provisions of the Town’s Building Code or Land Use Code that may hinder economic development;
3.    Formulate and evaluate new economic development strategies and policies in furtherance of the economic development goals adopted by the Town Council;
4.    Review planned economic proposals and proposed developments in the Town, upon request by the Town Manager; and
5.    Perform any other activities related to economic vitality that could promote a positive economic environment in the Town or will help with the implementation of the Town’s economic and strategic business plan, as assigned by the Town Council or Town Manager.

Economic Vitality Committee Members

Committee Member Designation Service Term
Mick Daly Chair June 2025
David Gaboury Vice Chair June 2024
Christina Taylor Secretary June 2025
Eric Eves Member June 2025
Kim Goodrich Member June 2024
Matt Felser Member June 2024
Kim Fritzler Member June 2024
Kevin Brubeck Alternate June 2024
Nick Sunday Town Council Liaison N/A
Chad Phillips Staff Liaison N/A