Active Land Use Applications

Below is a listing of all active land use applications in the Town of Eagle.  Look for the "Public Hearing Schedule" to find out when a specific application is scheduled to be heard by the Planning & Zoning Commission or the Town Council.  This information will be updated regularly as part of the Town of Eagle's commitment to transparency and community engagement.  For more information or if you have any questions about a land use file or long-range project please contact the Town Staff Member(s) noted below.  

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Appeal of a Planning Decision:
Many land use applications are subject to an appeal process outlined by the Land Use and Development Code (or by the PUD Guide, if the application is within a Planned Unit Development and is an amendment).  Appeals are subject to an application fee, as determined by the fee schedule.

West Eagle Housing
File Number: AN23-01
Six properties totaling 9.45 acres with the following addresses/parcel numbers: 712 Castle Dr. (Parcel No. 2109-051-21-001), 751 Castle Dr. (Parcel No. 2109-051-21-004), 751 Castle Dr. (Parcel No. 2109-051-21-005), 766 Castle Dr. (Parcel No.2109-051-21-003), 800 Castle Dr. (Parcel No. 2109-052-05-013) and Horse Pasture formerly a USFS site (Parcel No. 2109-051-00-028)
Staff Contact: 
Peyton Heitzman
Application Types: Annexation, Preliminary Plan/Final Plat, Zoning, Special Use Permit, and Major Development Permit.

Description/Request: 1.) Annexation of the Pasture parcel (parcel no. 2109-051-00-028) located in unincorporated Eagle County. Other properties within the scope of the project are within the Town’s boundaries. 2.) Preliminary Plan/Final Plat Subdivision - Eagle County is subdividing the properties to vacate interior lot lines, easements, and dedicate right-of-way for the future Brush Creek Road Extension. 3.) Zoning - The current zoning assignments for the various properties include Eagle County Resource (R), TOE Commercial Limited (CL) and Residential Multi-Family. The project is proposing TOE Residential Multi-Family (RMF) zoning for all the properties. 4.) Special Use Permit for High Density Affordable Housing that will allow for a reduced minimum lot area per dwelling unit (MLA/DU). The RMF zone district limits the MLA/DU to 4,000 sf. With the SUP, the project will be able to achieve a MLA/DU of 3,278 sf. 5.) Major Development Permit - The project is an infill development of 113 units within 23 buildings in the West Eagle area. The structures range from duplexes to 10-unit buildings. The project will require the extension of several public services such as water and wastewater, street infrastructure, etc.

Public Hearing Schedule:
     º TBD

Project Description and Overview of Applications (LINK)


Exhibits A-R (LINK) Detailed ‘Table of Contents’ on first page of link.

  • A: Proof of Ownership and Title Commitment
  • B: Adjacent Property Owners for public noticing
  • C: Draft Annexation and Development Agreement (ADA)
  • D: Water Rights
  • E: Preliminary Water Demand Analysis
  • F: Traffic Study – Full TIS can be accessed through this LINK.
  • G: Geotechnical Study
  • H: “Will Serve” Letters
  • I: Local Employee Residency Plan (LERP)
  • J: Project Phasing
  • K: Preliminary Drainage Report
  • L: Fire Communication
  • M: Engineering Specifications
  • N: Public Utilities Cost Estimate
  • O: Plan set (separate document – see below)
  • P: Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Q: Ownership and Maintenance Plan
  • R: Master Declaration for West Eagle 

S: Preliminary Plan (LINK)

T: Public Facilities Information Report (LINK)


Appendix O – Plan Set (LINK) Detailed ‘Table of Contents’ on first page of link.

  • Existing Conditions Survey
  • Existing Buildings and Land Use Diagram
  • Annexation Map
  • Subdivision Plat
  • Setback Diagram
  • Civil Plans
  • Landscape Plans
  • Architectural Plans           

263 Sawatch Road Major Development Permit
File Number: DR23-04 / V23-02 / LLA23-02
Location: 263 Sawatch Rd
Staff Contact: Jessica Lake
Description/Request: A Major Development Permit, with design variances, to construct three buildings, each with three commercial units and three residential units accessory to a non-residential use, as approved via Resolution 37-2020. A zoning variance is requested for this project for joint use of parking spaces, pursuant to Section 4.07.140.H. of the Municipal Code.
Description/Request: A Lot Line Adjustment application to vacate the lot line between Tract A and Lot 2 of the 700 Chambers Avenue Subdivision.
Public Hearing Schedule (Applications for DR23-04 & V23-02):
     º Public Hearing Notice
º Site Visit - Planning & Zoning Commission - September 19, 2023
º Planning & Zoning Commission - Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 6:00 pm continued to October 17, 2023
º Town Council - Tuesday, October 10, 2023 at 6:00 pm continued to November 14, 2023
Administrative Review Schedule (Lot Line Application):
     º November 9, 2023
Revised Documents for Oct. 17th Public Hearing:
º Response to PZ Comments
º Architectural Plans
º Civil Plans
º 3D Images of Project Site
º Application Form
º Project Narrative
º Architectural Plans
º Civil Plans
º Lighting Plan
º Public Facilities Impact Report and Water Demand
º Topographic Survey
º Drainage Memo
º Subsoil Study
º Plumbing Demand
º Lot Line Application
º Final Plat

Haymeadow Major PUD Amendment
File Number: PUDA23-01
Location: Haymeadow PUD (660 acres south and east of the Sylvan Lake Rd/Brush Creek Rd roundabout)
Staff Contact: Jessica Lake
Description/Request: A Major PUD Amendment within the Haymeadow development to 1) Reverse the RMF-5 land swap; 2) Update the intended alignment of the extension of Sylvan Lake Rd; 3) Update the conceptual/development plan; and 4) Revise the PUD Guide to align with ReCode and current best practices.
Public Hearing Schedule:
     º Public Hearing Notice
º Planning & Zoning Commission - TBD
º Town Council - TBD
º Application Form
º Project Narrative
º PUD Proposed Changes with Exhibits
º PUD Guide - Clean
º PUD Guide - Redline

Stone Concepts Warehouse
Project Name: Stone Concepts Minor Development Permit
File Number: DR23-01
Location: 85 Marmot Lane 
Staff Contact: Tez Hawkins
Description/Request: A Minor Development Permit to construct a new warehouse on the currently vacant lot at 85 Marmot Lane.
Public Hearing Schedule:
º Public Hearing Notice
º Planning & Zoning Commission - Tuesday, December 19, 2023 at 6:00 pm
º Town Council - To Be Announced
º Application Form
º Project Narrative
º Development Plan
º Exterior Materials Board
º Development Impact Checklist
º PIF Application
º Gas Service Letter
º TOE Water Letter
º GEFPD Correspondence
º Subsoil Study

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