Sewer Services

Schedule of Sewer Rates

In 2024 Single Family per unit $67.49. Commercial Rates, please see Ordinance 2018-42. Eagle Municipal Code 12.38.060(b)

  • Sewer service is billed monthly.
  • Sewer service is not metered, it is a flat rate. 
  • The monthly sewer service is charged regardless of water usage or whether the property is occupied. 
Sewer service rates shall be calculated, assessed and charged for each property receiving sewer service per our sewer unit schedule at the rate of $67.49 per unit, increased from $65.52, this will be the rate for most residential users not including accessory dwelling units. For the rates on commercial or mixed-use properties, please give us a call.

New Account – When you open a new account with the Town of Eagle you are required to pay your trash, sewer, yard waste and administrative fee one month in advance. Your bill will prorate from the date you start the account through the end of the billing cycle which will include those fees. The fees are then credited back to the account when you close the account.