Water Leak Information


If you discover that you have a higher than usual water bill, it may be possible that you have a water leak. To be eligible for an adjustment you must report the leak to the Town of Eagle within 30 days of the bill due date for the billing period in which the leak occurred. The leak must be confirmed by the Town’s Public Works Department (970-328-6678), and before a leak adjustment can be made the leak must be repaired. After the leak is repaired, email a completed Water Leak Adjustment Request Form along with photos or scanned copies of receipts for the work completed to mark.herota@townofeagle.org.

If the water leak is not reported and fixed within 30 days of the bill due date the Town will not make any adjustments to the water bill. The water leak adjustment may consist of adjusting up to half of your leak’s cost, water use only. You will be responsible for the other half of water usage, plus your typical usage. A maximum of two adjustments per customer can be made in a three-year period. The maximum adjustment allowed is $1,000 per leak.

What is considered a water leak?

A water leak shall be defined as “an unintentional water loss caused by broken or damaged plumbing fixtures, pipes or irrigation at a customer’s residence or non-residential site that results in a customer’s bill being higher than the typical bill for water services.”

What is needed to submit a water leak adjustment? 

First, ensure that the source of the leak has been identified and repaired. Because we want to ensure a customer’s bill is not impacted by the same leak in the future, we are unable to adjust for leaks that have not been repaired. Shutting off the source of the leak is not considered a repair for the purposes of this program.

Once the leak has been fixed, fill out and submit a Water Leak Adjustment form, attaching any relevant receipts or invoices. The form must be received within 30 days of the due date of the last bill impacted by the leak.