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  1. Dogs Required to be Leashed on Eagle Ranch Golf Course

  2. Utility Work Feb. 21-23 Between 4th and 6th St. on Howard St

    The Town of Eagle will begin a subsurface utility investigation Wednesday through Friday (Feb. 21-23) on Howard St. Read on...
  3. Is your contact information current?

    Keep your information up to date. We don't want you to miss out! Read on...
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2023 Public Notices

  1. Ordinance 09-2023 Amending Sections 2.02, 2.04 and 2.08 Appointment of Officers
  2. Notice of Public Hearing DR23-01 Stone Concepts
  3. Ordinance 08-2023 Adopting 2021 International Building Code etc.
  4. Notice of Public Hearing - FoodSmith LLC Tavern Application
  5. Ordinance 07-2023 Reenacting Chapter 13.24 of the EMC Contractor Registration and 13.17 Solid Fuel
  6. Ordinance 10-2023 Amending EMC New Chapter 3.10 Impact Fees
  7. Notice of Public Hearing - Twisted Root Liquor License Application
  8. Notice of Public Hearing - BRUSH CREEK PTA
  9. Notice of Public Hearing-2021 Building Code Adoption
  10. Planning and Zoning Commission Vacancy Oct 2023
  12. Notice of Public Hearing - Modification of Premises City Market #34
  13. Notice of Public Hearing LLA23-01 Alpine Lumber Lot Consolidation
  14. Public Notice PUDM23-01 Haymeadow
  15. Notice of Public Hearing DR23-04 263 Sawatch Rd
  16. Notice of Public Hearing DR23-05 882 Chambers
  17. Ordinance 06-2023 Repealing and Reeinacting Title 4 of the Eagle Muncipal Code and Adopting a New Zoning Map
  18. Notice of Public Hearing - Best Western Liquor Application
  19. Special Event Permit Application - Eagle Chamber of Commerce 9/7/23
  20. Liquor Permit Application - VVCF August 2, 2023
  21. Notice of Public Hearing: V23-01 Alpine Lumber Shed Zoning Variance
  22. Eagle Block Party Special Event Liquor Permit
  23. Public Hearing - Modification of Premises - Your Father's Office
  24. Notice of Public Hearing: DR23-03 Alpine Lumber Shed
  25. Notice of Public Hearing: LURA23-03 Zoning Map
  27. Council Vacancy Public Comment Sought
  28. Notice of Public Hearing: LURA23-03 ReCode Eagle
  30. Arbor Day Proclamation 2023
  31. Proclamation for National Donate Life Month
  32. Notice of Public Hearing Transfer of Ownership Wild Sage Eagle LLC
  33. Notice of Public Hearing: SS23-01 North Broadway Sketch Review
  34. Town Council Vacancy 2023
  35. Ordinance 02-2023 Amending Section 4.04.060 to Allow RMF as Use By Right in Residential Single Family
  36. Ordinance 03-2023 Amending Section 5.10.070 to Permit Tastings at Fermented Malt Beverage and Wine Retailers
  37. Notice of Public Hearing Your Father's Office - Modification of Premises
  38. Ordinance 05-2023 Rezoning Eagle River Station from Resource to Commercial General East
  39. Notice of Public Hearing: SU23-01 Vibrant Health of Colorado Special Use Permit
  40. Special Event Public Notice - Eagle ARTS Murder on Broadway 3.10.23
  41. Notice of Public Hearing: SU22-04 Wanderlust Dog Ranch Special Use Permit
  42. Notice of Public Hearing: LURA23-01 Update to Title 4 to Include a new Interstate Commercial Zone District
  43. Notice of Public Notice: LURA23-02 Amendments to the Eagle Municipal Code Chapter 4.04
  44. Notice of Public Hearing: RZ23-01 Eagle Meadows Rezone
  45. Ordinance 01-2023 Amending Chapter 4.04 to Accommodate New Commercial Geneal East Zone District